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AUP’s Global Professional Skills Program is distinguished from other co-curricular career preparation programs by the suite of activities that take place during the senior year for GPS participants. Students are required to submit a personal narrative in which they identify an objective and present their story – their narrative – in the context of that objective. The goal is to ensure GPS graduates have the foundation required to present themselves to anyone, anywhere, with pride and confidence, enabling them to successfully tackle their post-graduation plans, whatever they may be. Participants then have the option (an opportunity that the majority take advantage of) to present their personal narrative at panel presentations in April to panels comprised of AUP alumni, employers, and faculty. Students who participate in those panels get immediate feedback and support, and also have the possibility to win the Danielle Savage GPS Award, which is conferred to the finest personal narrative presentation at the Commencement Ceremony each May. Below are the students who gave personal narrative presentations from Spring 2020.

2021 - 2022 Presentations

2020-21 Presentations

The final 2020-2021Ěýpresentation by Nike HARTMANNĚýis availableĚý.


The final 2019-2020 presentation by Marly Phillips-Nicol is available .

2018-19 Presentations

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2017–18 Presentations

In Spring 2018, the first class of GPS Finalists presented their final projects to the GPS committee. Below you will find some of the outstanding work that was produced and presented by AUP students.

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